We are Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Rapping System, Hammer System for Boiler and our setup situated at Pune, Maharashtra, India

Overview :

  • Rapping System is a special product for cleaning horizontal super heater coil paths, especially for waste, biomass and industrial plants, sugar factory, cement factory and chemical factory.
  • Rapping Systems can be applied to remove deposits from the heating and reaction surfaces without any additional cleaning medium like steam, air or water.
  • Perfectto Engineering develops and manufactured rapping hammer, Pusher pin assembly, drive mechanism, Support structures and all other internal and external support parts for mechanical rapping Systems for waste heat recovery system in cement plant for pre-heater boiler.

Product Feature:

  • By means of Geared Motor operated chain drive arrangement rotates main shaft. Hammers are clamped over main shaft by equal angular & linier pitch/distance.
  • This Main shaft rotation causes hammer start to fall about it’s fulcrum point one after one and collides over pusher pin. The applied impact energy by hammer is transferred to the pusher pin then directly to the inner shaft which is directly connected to heat exchanger coils and causes the coils to vibrate – the oscillation continues through the complete heat exchanger bundle and Deposits fall off.
  • Noise protection of the rapping system is possible (optional).
  • If the boiler is a positive pressurized unit, sealing air prevents the admission of flue gases.

Application Area :

  • This cleaning technique can be applied to remove deposits from the heating and reaction surfaces of the convection area and economizers without any cleaning media like steam, air or water.
  • The rapping system can be designed to work mechanically. These are key capabilities for an efficient on-load cleaning of heat exchanger bundles in convection area and economiser and so with untroubled heat transfer and boiler availability.
  • By rapping the polluted heating tube bundles caused an oscillation, which shake off the build up material. Cleaning with air or water is no longer required and takes place by means of mechanical hammers as a result, a still better cleaning effect.
  • These Systems are best suited for the following industries: cement, mining, power etc.

Rapping System
Rapping System

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